Baruch Brothers and Evenu - choirs at the Synagogue

14.6 Friday, Sukat Shalom Synagogue, Maršala Birjuzova st 19, at 18h. We invite you to a joint performance of two choirs - Baruch Brothers form Belgrade and Evenu from Israel, with a repertoire consisting of various genres from the rich Jewish musical tradition.


European Association for Preservation of Jewish Cultural Heritage - AEPJ, EU Programme for Culture and Media - CUMEDIA, Call de Girona, Tačka Komunikacije and  partner organizations from Spain, Poland, Georgia, Hungary, and Serbia have started the "Parallel traces" project, and within its framework, a prize-winning contest for original artworks, on which you can find more info at this link

Batsheva Ensamble, Tel Aviv, Israel - Sadeh21

8.4 at 20:00 h, Sava Center, Belgrade. The Batsheva Ensemble will perform the Ohad Naharin choreography "Sadeh 21" at the Belgrade dance festival. "…Gaga, the innovative movement language devised by Naharin over many years. He has said that Gaga is “not just about making you a better athlete.” It’s about “delicacy, small gestures, going beyond the daily.” It’s about form, and it must come from inside the dancer, whose experience of life will determine the shape and tone of the movement. It sounds a bit mystical until you see it in action. Yet the 75-minute “Sadeh21” seems a lot more than a dry demonstration of a movement system. Despite the absence of narrative elements, the various episodes (Sadeh can be translated as a field or section) abound in flashes of humanity, vignettes as fleeting as they are suggestive…"

Promotion of the book “Jasenovac” by Ivo Goldstein

4.4 On Thursday, at the Center for Cultural Decontamination, Pavillion Veljković, Birčaninova st 21. The promotion of the book "Jasenovac" by Ivo Goldstein, published by Akademska Knjiga will be held. Participants in the promotion: Latinka Perović, Milan Koljanin, and the author.

The monograph "Jasenovac" by Ivo Goldstein was written at a time when historical revisionism is in full swing. Nationalists, depending on their provenance, insist that the Jasenovac was not a death camp; moreover, they resorted to a fabrication that it was only in 1945 that it became a killing site, while, on the other hand, the number of Jasenovac victims is being increased morbidly. Many will, therefore, experience the book "Jasenovac" by Goldstein as a polemic against revisionist outbursts. It is not the case for two basic reasons. First, revisionism - independent of whether it tries to deny the criminal nature of the Ustasha regime or if an entire nation tries to stigmatize another as a criminal - is not worth arguing with.

Literary Evening for Amos Oz

2.4 Tuesday, from 18h at the National Library of Sarbia (Skerlićeva st 1).

The programme will open with a panel talk on the opus of Amos Oz at the atrium of the National Library of Serbia. The panelists: Vida Ognjenović, Ivan Ivanji and Filip David. The screening of the Israeli documentary film "On the nature of dreams" is at 20h at the library amphitheater.

Amos Oz - The nature of Dreams trailer

Purim charity action - Haver and 16

20.3. at 17:30h at the cafe-bar "16", Cetinjska 15a. The call of organization "Haver": We are inviting everyone to join us at the Midrasha humanitarian action we are making on Purim - the Jewish holiday on which it is a custom to prepare presents to the disadvantaged.
"Sixteen" is no ordinary Belgrade cafe, but a social company that has established the Center for Youth Integration and is advocating for better social integration of children involved in the work and/or life in the street, as well as creating the support system for every endangered child. The cafe is giving the youth and children exiting the Halfway house necessary education and practice, as well as the possibilities of employment outside the cafe. "Sixteen" is giving them a chance to find work and leave the work and life n the street for good.
There is no participation fee for this event, all you need to do is to bring school supplies, hygiene products, sweets, wardrobe for children and youth, and have a drink, helping the future of the children become nicer and brighter.

COMING SOON: "MY JALIJA", a book by David "Dača" A. Alkalay

5.5Soon to be released - the "My Jalija" by the author David Dača A. Alkalay, in the edition of the reputable publishing house "Čigoja press" from Belgrade. The book was edited by Mirjana Belić, Koročkin Davidović, and Radivoje Davidović.
The book contains stories from the Jewish mahala (neighborhood), on the Sephardic Jews who lived in Belgrade's Dorćol quarter known as Jalija, from the early 19th century until the beginning of WW2.


9.317:30h lower gallery of ULUS, at Knez Mihajlova st 37. The exhibition runs from March 9th until 31st.

This year, the Belgrade Irish Festival is featuring several programmes with Jewish themes, first being the exhibition of photographs by Irish photographer, Nigel Swann .“These photographs of house entrances present us with openings in the hectic cityscape, inscribed with accumulated evidence of human inhabitation, but where individual lives are noticeable only in their absence: there are no people”, writes Dr Gwen Jones, Open Society Archives, Budapest, in her description of the Yellow Star Houses of Budapest photography exhibition. Nigel Swann’s photography captures the entrances to buildings in Budapest today, but which were once marked by a yellow star and where Jewish families were relocated before deportation the death camps in Poland at the end of WWII, “Evidence of the Yellow Star Houses has almost completely disappeared and archival sources are extremely rare. Irish photographer Nigel Swan, a long-term resident of Budapest, obtained the list of these houses, documented them and created a unique record of their existence today. Of the more than 2000 buildings that once housed over 220.000 people, Nigel has chosen twenty prints for this exhibition. Through these images, we can see the regular city doors in different stages of decay but what is missing in the photos are people. This exhibition gives us a possibility of confronting the “afterlife of atrocity in the contemporary urban environment”.

Download or view the PDF programme of BIF - Belgrade Irish Fest 2019:

‘Land Locked and Sea Surrounded’

10.313:00 Monday, 11th March, ULUS gallery, Knez Mihajlova st. 37.

Presentation of the exhibition and the artworks of photographer Nigel Swann followed by a talk with Nikola Radić Lucati, artist and founder of the Center for Holocaust Research and Education.

Jewish Cultural Heritage of Belgrade - the walking tour

10.3 14:30h, Monday, 11th March ULUS gallery at Knez Mihajlova st. 37., Duration: 2 hrs, Price: 1200 rsd

Not many people know about the contributions of the Jewish community to Belgrade. If you want to hear stories about Belgrade’s first synagogue in Dorćol, to see some of the most beautiful art nouveau buildings or to hear about the modernist painting collection in the National Museum, join us for the two-hour walk around the city centre. Unfortunately, World War II has left atrocious consequences and has almost eradicated the Jewish community. But nonetheless, during this tour, we want to remember our common cultural heritage that contributes to Belgrade’s glory. The tour will be part of the programme that follows Nigel Swan’s exhibition, ‘Yellow Star Houses of Budapest’.


11.313.3At 19 and 21h Cinematheque, Uzun Mirkova st 1. Tickets 350rsd Starring: Domhnall Gleeson, Will Poulter, Ruth Wilson, Charlotte Rampling

Belgrade Irish Festival is proud to open its week of Irish movies with the first screening of the Little Stranger in Serbia and honored by the presence of its Oscar-nominated Irish director, Lenny Abrahamson who will be presented at the film and answer questions after.

During the long hot summer of 1948, a country doctor is called to a patient at Hundreds Hall, where his mother once worked. The Hall, which has been home to the Ayres family for more than two centuries, is now in decline and its inhabitants -- mother, son, and daughter -- are haunted by something more ominous than a deadly way of life. When he takes on his new patient, Dr. Faraday has no idea how close, disturbingly so, the family’s story is about to become entwined with his own. The title of the historical drama ‘The Little Stranger’ is an old-fashioned way to reference a baby, as in “awaiting the arrival of a little stranger.” But there are no babies in this movie, so the mystery of the old house is about to unfold.


16.3 11h, Smokvica, Jovanova 45. Join Irish author Lana Citron reading from her latest book while munching an erotic brunch and conversing amorously about cooking and books. Prize-winning author and scriptwriter Lana has published five novels, two non-fiction books and numerous short stories, plays, poems, film scripts, articles and book reviews. Her novels have been published in Europe and the US and translated into many languages. Sucker, Spilt Milk, Transit, The Honey Trap, and The Brodsky Touch. Her first non-fiction work, A Compendium of Kisses was named ’book of the week’ in The Economist, which described it as ‘an intellectual and indulgent treat; a wonderful and comprehensive book on all things osculatory’. Plays and scripts include The Love Saboteur and the multi-award winning short films was the Cigarette Girl and Hannah Cohen’s Holy Communion. The latter is currently used by 3 Faiths Forum in the educational program throughout the UK. She has written numerous articles for a wide variety of newspapers and magazines. In 2013, the Huffington Post hosted her blog The Diary of an Accidental Mother.

The movie "Leeches" based on David Albahari novel to premiere on Fest

28.2The fifth movie by the director Dragan Marinković "The Leeches", is yet another adaptation on the works of Serbian authors. This time around, it is the eponymous novel by David Albahari. Produced by "Marebo" and "Zilion films" of Lazar Ristovski who is also starring in the film, "Inter film" from Croatia and "Punk film" from Macedonia.

Screenplay by Marinković, Albahari and Dušan Spasojević, with Nikola Đuričko as Petar Mirić. Supporting roles: Iva Mihalić, Marijana Jaković, Toni Mihajlovski... "Leeches" will have its premiere on Belgrade-s "Fest" on 28th Feb, and March 1st, after which it will feature in Cineplexx cinemas from March 2nd.

More on Fest 2019 website.


"Midrasha" course by the Haver Serbia organization at the Synagogue "Sukat Shalom", Maršala Birjuzova st. 19, events begin at 18:30h.

25.2 Monday, Lecture: Sephardic music of the Balkans, Stefan Sablić


26.2 Tuesday, Lecture: Yiddish music - from klezmer, through Broadway, to the contemporary authors, Milena Sablić


27.2 Wednesday, Workshop: Judaism in the songs of Leonarda Cohen, Dragana Stojanović, Sonja Viličić


Applications for the course until 24th of February, at the online form. More info:

9.2 Saturday at 18.30h, We are proud to invite you after Shabbat, to a social gathering at the Jewish community, Kralja Petra st 71a 2nd floor. A duo "Two of us" - Nemanja Nikolić on the piano and Ivan Simeunović, the violinist will be performing.


8.2 Friday, at 7 pm, Serbian Literary Society, Francuska 7



Božidar Šujica

Goran Babić

Miloš Jevtic

Sanda Ristić Stojanović

Branka Davičo (wife of Oscar Davičo)

The verses and passages from the novel spoken by Vladislav Sekulović

Edited and produced by Mirjana Mitrović

Oscar Davičo was the youngest of the surrealist, poet of Colonial Hanna and Serbia among the plums, prose writer with three NIN awards and other awards and fines. In opus with more than 20 volumes, Davičo is also a portraitist and portrait of his time. Surrealist rebel, revolutionary enthusiast and skeptic, activist (intellectual and political) in contrast with intimate drama are the keywords of Davičo's creativity. Roman "The Poem" is considered to be his best oeuvre, significantly influencing the younger generation of writers. He studied French, translated Tomas Man from German, and from Russian Scholochov. The first part of his romanced biography was titled "Suicide by trade". The second part of the "Traitor by trade" had disappeared in Sarajevo, caught in the latest Yugoslav wars.

Book launch "Markers of Remembrance: Jewish Heritage and the Holocaust"

1.2 Friday, National Museum Belgrade, Trg Republike 1a, from 17h. On Sunday, within the week of the International Day of Remembrance for the Holocaust victims, we invite you to attend the promotion and discussion on the occasion of the book launch "The markers of Remembrance: Jewish Heritage and the Holocaust" published by the Jewish Historical Museum in Belgrade. The book "Markers of Remembrance: Jewish Heritage and the Holocaust" is the result of the work of 19 authors from Serbia and the abroad in the fields of culture, history, museology, arts, education, and the Holocaust, and from institutions such are: Ana Frank House, Amsterdam, Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade , The National Museum in Belgrade, Terraforming, the Institute for Recent History of Serbia, the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade, Center for Holocaust Research and Education, Jewish Historical Museum in Belgrade, Faculty of Media and Communications, Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade and Haver Serbia . The authors of this publication are: dr Nevena Daković, dr Vera Mevorah, Vojislava Radovanović, dr Mirjana Nikolić, dr Aleksandra Milovanović, Nikola Radić Lucati, dr Boris Petrović, dr Nikola Krstović, dr Biljana Mitrović, dr Nikola Šuica, dr Mladenka Ivanković, Maša Seničić , Neda Radulović, Dr Dragana Stojanović, Sonja Viličić, Nevena Bajalica, Miško Stanišić, Marina Pejović and Gordana Grabež. Learn more >>>

Sephardic Belgrade: Sephardic culture past and present

Discover Sephardic Spain

31.1 19:00 till 21:00, Institute Cervantes Belgrade We begin, through this activity, a cycle of conferences that will focus on the memory and timeliness of Sephardic culture, and its special impact on the Balkan region.

But who are the Sephardim? Often the process of emigration and formation of the communities of the Sephardic diaspora was complex and lasted for years or even generations, and not only because of the conditions in which travel was made at that time, but because it was common for an individual or a family traveling from one country to another until settled permanently.

Carmen Álvarez Rodríguez, Second Head of the Embassy of Spain in the Republic of Serbia, will speak about the reunion of Spain with its Jews, in a historical review of the relationship between Spain and Sefarad with the Jewish community from its expulsion until the law on Spanish nationality for the original Sephardim.

On the other hand, dr. Eliezer Papo, director of the "Moshe David Gaon" Center at the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, will talk about the arrival of the Sephardic Jews in the Balkans, the development of the Ladino as a common language for the Sephardic Jews of the Ottoman Empire, as well as some peculiarities of the Ladino dialects in the South-Slavic countries. Learn more >>>

Jewish film festival Belgrade

23.1 23 - 27. januar 2019. Museum of Yugoslav Cinematheque, Kosovska 11. Jewish Cultural Center and Yugoslav Cinematheque are organizing the Jewish Film Festival Belgrade (JFFBG).

The festive opening is on 23. 1. 2019. at 17h in the presence of Dušica Žegarac, selector Marjan David Vajda and others. Festival will open with "Ninth circle" by France Štiglic starring Ms. Žegarac.

Programme JFFBG 2019

23.1 Wednesday

17:00 Festive opening

17:30 Ninth Circle

20:00 The Garden of Finzi Continis

24.1 Thursday

17:30 The Way We Were

20:00 Next Stop Greenwich Village

25.1 Friday

17:30 Annie Hall

20:00 The Chariots of Fire

26.1 Saturday

17:30 Yentl

20:30 Au Revoir les Enfants

27.1 Sunday

17:30 The Pianist

20:00 The Producers (remake 2005)

Learn more >>>


25.1 Friday 10:00 - 17:00 National Theatre Museum: Master course of solo singing with prof. Claudia Eder.


26.1 Saturday 10:00 - 17:00 National Theatre Museum: Master course of solo singing with prof. Claudia Eder.

16:00 - 18:00 Yugoslav Cinematheque; Festival opening and projection of the film “Hebreo: In Search of Salomone Rossi”.

27.1 Sunday 10:00 - 17:00 National Theatre Museum: Master course of solo singing with prof. Claudia Eder.

16:00 Gallery of the Jewish Municipality of Belgrade: Lecture - Prof. Ana Stefanovic “David and Jonathan, the biblical opera Marc-Antoine Charpentier”.

17:30 Gallery of the Jewish Municipality of Belgrade: Lecture - Prof. Tijana Popović-Mlađenović “Concerto for Viola and Orchestra / Viola Tango Rock Concerto by Benjamin Yusupov, Music has a vision - listening to others and ourselves through it”.

19:00 National Theatre Museum: Concert of the attendees of the course of solo singing of Prof. Claudia Eder.

20:30 Atrium of the National Museum: Concert “Portraits and Memories” Works of young composers from the competition. Participants: Jewish Chamber Orchestra, Braća Baruch Choir, Synagogal Ensemble, Berlin.

28.1 Monday 18:00 Synagogue Sukat Shalom: Concert of the Synagogal Ensemble from Berlin Conductor: Regina Jantian.

20:00 “Stage Raša Plaović”, National Theater Belgrade: Claudio Monteverdi: Coronation of Poppea and Closing of the festival. Participants: Vocal ensemble Barock Vocal (Germany), Ballet Ensemble of the Institute of Artistic Dance, New Trinity Baroque Ensemble - on Historical Instruments (artistic direction: Predrag Gosta), Conductor: Alberto Veronese (Italy), Director: Aleksandar Nikolić, Choreographer: Aleksandar Ilic.

Hebreo - The search for Salomone Rossi

The Search for Salomone Rossi (2012)
A film by Joseph Rochlitz
Total running time: 45min.



In the period of late Renaissance, at the height of Mantua's artistic splendor, a young Jewish violinist burst through the barriers of discrimination and became one of the most renowned composers and performers at the court of the Gonzaga dukes. In 1622 he revolutionized Jewish music with his "Songs of Solomon", the first collection ever of originally composed music for Hebrew psalms and prayers. Yet very little is known about the personal and creative life of Salomone Rossi Hebreo - Salomone Rossi the Jew.

In this documentary, the prize-winning vocal ensemble "Profeti Della Quinta" rehearse and perform Rossi's music in the magnificent town of Mantua, in preparation for a special concert in the Gonzaga dukes' Pleasure palace. With the help of expert historians and musicologists, they shed fascinating light on this elusive man and his extraordinary music.

Joseph Rochlitz

with Profeti della Quinta Vocal Ensemble
Doron Schleifer Countertenor
David Feldman Countertenor
Dino Lüthy Tenor
Dan Dunkelblum Tenor
Elam Rotem Bass, Cembalo, Musical Director
& Ori Harmelin Theorbo

Music by Salomone Rossi Hebreo (c.1570-1630)

produced by
Remmelt Lukkien
Lasso Film & TV Production
with support from the Maror Fund
for Joodse Omroep, Netherlands

© 2012 Lasso Film & TV Production and Joseph Rochlitz

NATAŠA JOVIĆ TRIVIĆ - This year's laureate of the "BREDA KALEF" award

Primadonna of the Opera, mezzo-soprano Nataša Jović Trivić is this year's winner of the "Breda Kalef" opera award which is awarded for the best-interpreted mezzo-soprano role in the previous season of the National Theater. It is also the only award for the singers for the mezzo-soprano roles in our country, and the contestants were the domestic and visiting singers who have performed during the past season in the National Theater opera. The jury composed of Breda Kalef, Jasmina Trumbetas Petrovic, Dragan Stevovic, Vesna Stefanovic and Mirko Levi unanimously decided that this year's Prize will be given to Natasa Jovic Trivic for the role of Ulrike in Verdi's "A Masked Ball". The award will be presented on Saturday, January 26, ahead of the performance of "A Masked Ball" by Giuseppe Verdi (Grand stage, 19h). The award will be presented by Breda Kalef. The previous laureates are Jelena Vlahović and Višnja Pavlović. Source: B92

Tu BiShvat

21.1 10h Synagogue Sukat Shalom, Marshal Birjuzova st 19. The Jewish municipality of Belgrade will mark the Tu BiŠvat holiday in cooperation with the organization "The forest sings", planting tree saplings in the synagogue yard. We invite you to mark the Tu Bshvat holiday with us on Monday, January 21, at 10 am. "The forest sings" is a social service whose mission is to initiate, stimulate, create, organize and realize actions that contribute to creating better living conditions for people in the field of ecology and environmental protection.

Concert of the FMA students of violin

Class of Prof. Maja Jokanović

| Ana Katić | Salko Lekić | Jana Stojković | Katarina Božić | Milica Žugić | Ljubomir Trujanović |

Piano accompaniment : Gordana Marjanović, sam. um. sar.

Uki Ovaskajnen, sam. um. sar.

Concert of the students of the violin of Faculty of Musical Arts in Belgrade was held on December 26th 2018. u the grand hall of Jewish community Belgrade at 19:00h,  Kralja Petra st 71a.

Learn more >>>

Politikina nagrada Gabrielu Glidu

Politika award for the best exhibition in 2018, was presented to Gabriel Glid, a sculptor from Belgrade for the  "Seen And Not Seen", show, held at the Contemporary Visual Arts Gallery in Niš, at the Officers hall.

“Evan as I do not regard art as a competition, certainly recognition and award are good for the perseverance and tenacity of all in this line of work and life, where the work in the field of culture is becoming increasingly less relevant".

More on SeeCult >>>

Then as Now

Braća Baruch choir

21.1 20h Monday. Jevrejska 16.
We invite you to the annual concert of the choir of the Serbian Jewish Singing Society Braća Baruch, which will be held at the Jewish Cultural Center in Belgrade. Old and new members of the choir will perform together. Learn more >>>

Midrasha courses

15.1Organization Haver Serbia invites to the "Midrasha Course" on the occasion of the International Day of Remembrance for Holocaust Victims from 15-17 January 2019 starting at 18.30 in the premises of the synagogue Sukat Shalom, Maršala Birjuzova 19, Belgrade.


Anti-Semitic Propaganda in Occupied Serbia, 1941-1944, Dr. Aleksandar Stojanović, Institute for Recent History of Serbia.


Holocaust education according to the principles of Yad Vashem, Nada Banjanin Djuricic, professor of sociology and civic education, Railway technical school.


Anti-Semitism in Belgrade during the commercial administration of Milan Aćimovic, Tamara Ivanovic, master historian, Archives of Yugoslavia.

Midrasha is a project aimed at providing participants with knowledge about Jewish culture, religion, and history. Haver Serbia >>>