Exhibition of the artists of JCB with art association “Sergej Jovanović”

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On Thursday, December 20, 2018, at the Gallery of the Jewish Municipality of Belgrade, an exhibition of paintings by the Jewish Municipality of Belgrade and Sergej Jovanovic Association was opened by G. Josif Baruhovic, an artist, member of the Jewish municipality of Belgrade, Jasmina Klanica, MA art history and the author and selector of the exhibition, and Mr. Zdenko Mužar, the president of the organizing committee of the Association with the words of gratitude to the friends of the exhibition and all the guests present.
The exhibition includes works by 43 authors of fine arts, and on show are works in: oil on canvas, ceramics, photographs, graphics, sculptures, tempera, combined techniques, digital photography, photo collage, and stained glass. The exhibition is open to visitors and art lovers from 20th until 31st December 2018.

From the opening speech:

At the end of 2018, as the artists gathered around AVA Sergej Jovanovic from Belgrade and their guests - artists: academic painter Vladimir Ćurčin and a group of artists from the Jewish Municipality of Belgrade, have created another group exhibition with fifty works on different themes and techniques that are now perceived as a whole, seem to work coherently, regardless of the evident difference.

The general characteristic of this exhibition is above all the diversity of artistic disciplines and techniques, so here we have paintings made with oil and acrylic technique on canvas in most or various combined techniques, wood sculptures, graphite pencil drawings or paper-based inkjets, graphics, ceramics, and photos. Every work has found its place in this exhibition, which clearly indicates the very fertile creativity of this art group.

The diversity of the motifs is also very noticeable, as here we have several examples of a still life, most of the riverine, marine, urban and rural landscape motifs of all seasons dominate; the houses with curved roofs and sculptures of the old people clearly associate with life transit, in combination with by somehow dead nature, it is as if the memento mori that reminds us that everything is temporary and transient...

A certain number of artists have found their inspiration in human form through portraits and the beauty of movement, immortalizing the human body by painting various entertainers and acts in a wide variety of poses and ambiances. Others, however, were inspired by the animal world and hence presented animal motifs through the locusts, the owl... One group found its inspiration in floral motifs or in a colorless form without expression, expressing itself in the language of abstraction.

As a whole, overall, the overall impression is that the entire originality and great creativity of the mentioned art group and its artists - "guests" at this group exhibition can be noticed.

Ms. Jasmina Klanica, art historian

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