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The Serbian-Jewish Singing Society "Braća Baruch" organized an annual concert at the Jewish Cultural Center in Dorćol, the old Jewish quarter in Belgrade. The musical meeting of old and new members of the choir was conducted by Stefan Zekic. Among the rich repertoire were, among others, the Sephardic song "Durme, durme", the African "Babetandaza", aria Silva from the musical "Chardasz" with the performance of soprano Aleksandra Petrovic, supported by the pianist Danilo Tomic.

The "Brothers Baruch" choir was founded in 1879 as a Serbian Jewish Singing Society. "In his present name, he changed the name in 1952 to the memory of three brothers from the famous Jewish family Baruch, the fallen Partisan fighters and the illegals. Some researchers claim that it is the oldest Jewish chorus in the world".

During his many years of work, the choir has organized a number of concerts in the country and around the world and has won prestigious awards. For the successes of the past years, the responsibility rests with conductor Stefan Zekic and the choir's president Branka Cvejić Mezei. (With a correction, translated from the Politika daily).