JCCJEWISH CULTURAL CENTRE BELGRADE (JCCBG) is primarily perceived as a modern institution with a key task to preserve traditional cultural values and cultural identity of the Jewish community in Belgrade and all of Serbia. At the same time, the Centre is determined to achieve this goal using the available modern technology. Why? Because we are aware that the new generation of the community members would rather use a digitalized version of literature, than a traditional printed version. The same pattern goes equally for all the other areas of culture. We are also aware that – if the new generations do not timely recognize the Jewish community and its institutions as their “home” – our already tragically reduced community could soon diminish beyond acceptable limits.

On the other hand, openness, easy access, and global communication are the reality of our times, and the future can only bring faster and more user-friendly technology. In order to be prepared for optimal implementation of the Centre’s role – we opted for the gradual development of electronic libraries of literal, musical, artistic... works – as the basic treasure of the Centre and entire Jewish Community. We do expect that easy access to such treasure would motivate members of the community to be more proactive and creative within the Centre’s areas of work.

The idea is to start with the opus of those members of the Jewish community in Serbia who have considerably contributed to the cultural environment of Serbia in general: in literature, theatre, film, music, publishing, journalism, visual arts, architecture...Stanislav Vinaver, Danilo Kiš, Oskar Davičo, Filip David, Isak Samokovlija, Aleksandar Tišma, Rahela Ferrari, Eli Finci, Lujo Davičo, Leon Davičo, Geca Kon, Hugo Klajn, Ivan Klajn, and many others. Their works in various areas of culture would be better known, especially to new generations, easily accessible and used as motivation and inspiration for research and creative work of the others.

In a word, the Jewish Cultural Centre has been established to offer space – both physical, at the address Jevrejska 16, Dorcol, and virtual at this web platform – to all members of the Jewish community. A place where they can express themselves, bring family stories, diaries, and traditions in, and share them with the others. The place where we can all recognize, share, remember our members and their contribution to general cultural scene of Belgrade and Serbia – and strengthen self-awareness, self-confidence and the feeling of belonging to the Jewish community its traditions and its values.